Blogs tagged with everydayst are designed to give folks daily examples of the prevalency of Systems Thinking (ST). In over a decade of teaching ST to students of all ages, we have learned that the most successful learners understand ST as simple rules (DSRP) that combined lead to systems thinking (ST). But we have also learned that once one understands ST they benefit from seeing myriad examples that help them to see DSRP all around them. Preferably these examples are not solely from science or wicked problems but also everyday examples. And, we have noticed that when the examples are pulled from a diversity of topics, fields, applications and disciplines, folks can see more clearly see how DSRP can be used in everything they do. DSRP is so pervasive (it is in fact universal) that it's important for folks to start seeing it everywhere.

A blog tagged everydayst should indicate to you that this is just one more example in a daily deluge of DSRP examples that help you to see DSRP all around you.

You may also notice that the everydayst tag may be paired with several other tags including: distinctions, systems, relationships, and/or perspectives. This tells you the patterns of thinking that are at work and also gives you a handy device to see more of that type of everyday example. For example, if you feel like you could use more examples of perspectives, just click on the perspectives tag to see all of the examples we have posted. Think of it as your own personal library of DSRP examples.

Another great way to hone your ST skills is to explore our EverydayST DataBase on Evernote. These are tagged (distinctions, systems, relationships, perspectives) snippets from around the web that provide a rich array of examples. Add your own, too! To get to the EverydayST Evernote DB click on the blog menu in the upper right and follow the link.

Have fun and please send us your own examples of everyday ST and we'll share them here on STDaily!