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Drs. Cabrera Travel to Colombia for Keynotes, Meetings, Interviews

March 1, 2020


The Cabreras travel to Colombia included multiple talks at three of Colombia's best Universities: Universidad de los Andes, Universidad Militar Nueva Granada, and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

Fondos Congreso

The Keynote talk, as well as several other talks and panels, was given at the Congreso Educacion Sistemica conference held at Universidad de los Andes  and Gimnasio Moderno. The conference title and theme was:

LEARNING BY DOING CHILDREN OF THE 21ST CENTURY: Systemic approaches to reinventing the school
The changes and paradoxes in contemporary society and the global economy urgently demand rethinking traditional approaches to school. Although there are educational reforms in schools and in government agencies that deal with the issue, there is still insufficient evidence of the impact of some of these transformation projects at regional or national levels, nor many examples of comprehensive systemic educational transformations and radicals inside the schools.
A local school sponsored the event for educators
Dr. Derek Cabrera sounding the Keynote
Dr. Derek Cabrera sounding the Keynote
Derek Cabrera
Dr. Laura Cabrera giving a talk on Systems Leadership
A rare free moment for a selfie.

Several talks were also given at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana to undergraduates on the topic of systems thinking and leadership. The talks were sponsored by Javeriana's systems engineering department.

Dr. Derek Cabrera, Javeriana 
Drs. Cabrera, Javeriana, small break out talk

Drs. Cabrera also gave a talk and sat for meetings at Universidad Militar Nueva Granada on systems thinking.


We were honored to meet with Brigadier General Luis Fernando Puentes Torres, Rector of the Military University New Granada, and other academic managers and were awarded the University's highest medal of honor.