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Deborah C. Hoard, about the Documentary Re:Thinking- February 1st, 2017


February 1, 2017

Originally published here.

ITHACA, NEW YORK - Deborah C. Hoard, President of PhotoSynthesis Productions, talks about the new documentary film, RE:Thinking.  She describes how three different schools used a concept called “systems thinking”, to help students build knowledge instead of consuming information.  This interview was aired during the February 1st, 2017 edition of WRFI Community Radio News.

PSP is dedicated to using the power of film for education and social justice. For 30 years we have produced long- and short-form films that reach international audiences with diverse messages of equity and positive change. Our work is widely praised for its visual excellence, educational value, and emotional impact.

Born at Cornell University, CRL drives basic research, innovation, and public understanding in Systems Thinking, Systems Mapping, Systems Leadership, and Systems Science. Our Mission-Vision is to Engage, Educate, and Empower 7 Billion Systems Thinkers to solve everyday and wicked problems. We look for projects that bridge our scientific research with real-world, practical, everyday experience. We work with excellent teams of excellent people. We don't just think the theories, we build real stuff that makes lives better and increases human potential and organizational effectiveness.


Photosynthesis Productions: