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Dr. Laura Cabrera gives talk at Purdue University


March 10, 2022 — Dr. Laura Cabrera, of Cabrera Research Lab and Cornell University gave a talk at the Purdue Systems Collaboratory on "Systems Thinking Made Simple: the What, Why, and How of Systems Thinking." This talk was a seminar that is a part of the Purdue Systems Thinkers Research Colloquium. 

About Purdue Systems Collaboratory (PSC): PSC was formed in 2015 to facilitate broad, transdisciplinary investigations of systems, their interactions with other diverse and assumed unrelated systems, and the aftereffects of major system disruptions. To date, we have developed several prototype multi-college projects, facilitated conversations about systems-related activities and interests with faculty across the University, and elicited enthusiastic support from all of Purdue’s deans.