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Educational Documentary RE:THINKING Streaming for Free Online This Fall

by Movies News Desk

Oct. 16, 2017

"When humans of any age think about what they're doing, they're engaged. When they think about what they're doing, they're self-reflective. When they think about what they're doing, they learn." - Derek Cabrera, PhD from RE:THINKING

What if besides teaching students what to think, we also taught them how to think? This simple but profound idea is the foundation for the new educational documentary, RE:THINKING. The film gives insight to policy makers, school administrators, parents, and the public, and offers hope to those seeking more from the current educational system.

The documentary followed three schools over the course of three years as they successfully met public education requirements, while embracing a culture that emphasized thinking over memorization and valuing the individual child not as an empty vessel to be filled but as an adult-in-training.

"This is not a film that rests on educational platitudes," RE:THINKING Producer and Co-Director, Deborah C. Hoard said, "We wanted to dive deeply into the idea that better thinking can be taught, and that it increases learning and brings deeper understanding, better test performance, and greater emotional intelligence."
In the film, Dr. Laura Cabrera of Cornell University explains, "If you can give students the gift of knowing how they come to know things, it makes knowing anything possible. It makes ideas that can change everything possible."

The movie will also be available online at no charge from October 19 to November 2 here:

On Wednesday, October 25, the directors and contributors from the movie will host a discussion with educators and the public about the documentary via Twitter Chat, @ReThinkingMovie, at 4 p.m. EST. To learn more about the movie visit the RE:THINKING website at